On the 8th of June our two English E-courses attended in the Bodo-Uhse-Library the reading from the book „Infinitissimo“ written by Holy-Jane Rahlens.

The main character is Finn Nordstorm, he lives a passionless and peaceful life in 2264. All is well untill he begins decoding discovered diaries written in extinct German by a young gilr in the early twenty-first century. Finn would never imagine that he would find himself face to face with the girl.

After the reading we had time to aks questions. Some of them are:

– How long did it take you to write a book?

– For „Infinitissimo“ it took me 1 year but for some other books just 3 months.

– What are you working on now?

– At the moment I am working on a new book called „Bikini Beach Mystery“.

We found the reading very entertaining and interesting and we would like to see the author in the next reading.

Leah and Cindy, 9.3